Human Resources are essential to the good functioning of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and we place at the heart of our policy, a will of dialogue and continuous progress.

The human resources are organized around an adequate recruitment, the management of careers, the organization of work, the professional training, the internal communication, the policy of remunerations and finally around the corporate culture.

It is through the adaptation of the structures, the satisfaction of the customers, the blooming and the development of the staff's loyalty, the search for innovation, the improvement of the tools and the working methods, the modernization of the equipments that the Palais des Festivals and the Congresses ensures its durability and its productivity.

The social dialogue, which manifests itself notably through the relations with the social partners (staff delegates, trade union delegates, social and economic committee, health, safety and working conditions committee) allows the construction of a reassuring social contract.

In today's competitive world, we must face up to imperatives such as productivity, employment and maintaining attractive prices, with a high level of responsiveness to the market, taking into account the quality of products and services as well as the women and men who build our future day after day.

These objectives have led us to set up new ways of organising work. In this context, the Human Resources Department must accompany and above all anticipate changes, thus contributing to the performance of the organisations.

In this context, and in accordance with our Sustainable Development policy, the desired objectives are concrete, i.e:

- to measure the gaps between the facts and the established standards by setting them through objectives, legal rules and practices: this is the permanent social audit.

- to enrich and deal with the real motivations of the individual in a company such as ours and thus establish a code of values applicable and respected by all.

- to enhance the value of the company, i.e. the men and women who work there, through internal communication that is dependent on the Human Resources Department, in close collaboration with the General Management and the Communication Department.

- to commit at all times to diversity, equal opportunities and transparency of means.

This Human Resources strategy is deployed through eight fundamental areas: job offers & recruitment, training, work organisation, employee well-being and health, career management, remuneration, social regulation and the integration of new technologies.

Our company is based on a two-tier system of operation:

- on the one hand, a COMEX made up of the Chairman, the Managing Director, the Human Resources Director, the Administrative & Financial Director, the Sales & Digital Projects Director, the Operations Director and the Logistics, Infrastructure and Surveillance Director.                                                

- on the other hand, an extended Management Committee, executives, men and women in the field, always listening to the client, with a high level of involvement and constant responsiveness.


The diversity charter

Since June 16, 2008, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès has signed the Charter of Diversity which aims to demonstrate its commitment, in France, to cultural, ethnic and social diversity. Charte de la diversité Palais des Festivals

Promoting pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and career management is a factor of progress for the company. Such an approach contributes to its efficiency and to the quality of its social relations. It can have a positive effect on the company's image in the eyes of its customers, external service providers and consumers, in France and in the rest of the world.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is proud to have renewed its commitment for the equality of the chances and the diversity in the acts of our daily life, as well personal as professional. 

On Thursday, February 9th, 2023, on the occasion of the Nice stage of the Tour de France of the Diversity, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès signed the new Charter of the Diversity and thus took commitments in term of sensitization, non-discrimination and to support the diversity in all its components.


Gender equality index   

The law of September 5th, 2018 obliges the companies to concrete results in the reduction of the differences of remuneration between women and men and that within the framework of the general principles of equality of treatment and non-discrimination for which our company endeavours to work.

Indeed, the Palais des Festivals and Congresses watches daily, through its social policy, the respect of the principle of equal treatment of women and men and this as well at the time of the hiring, of the execution or of the rupture of the work contract as in the matter of remuneration, of professional training, management of careers...

Today, it is up to the government, aware of these crucial issues, to take up the subject, by inviting companies to measure their performance in terms of professional equality and to publish the results of their gender equality index.

This index is based on four indicators for companies with less than 250 employees:
- The gender pay gap: we scored 39/40;
- The gender pay gap: we scored 35/35;
- Percentage of female employees who received an increase in the year following return from maternity leave: we scored 15/15;
- The parity among the ten highest salaries : we obtained a mark of 5/10.

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès has obtained a score of 94/100 in the 2023 Gender Equality Index (for the year 2022).

For the year 2020, the SEMEC has obtained a score of 81/100.

For the year 2021, SEMEC scored 82/100.

This excellent level is the reflection of the efforts actively led by the Palais des Festivals and Congresses of Cannes for several years in the field of professional equality. 

This result shows the will of the company to set up concrete actions in favour of equality between women and men. 

Although this score is higher than the governmental minimum, fixed at 75 points, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is determined to maintain this new ratio. Indeed, convinced that gender diversity contributes to the enrichment of the company, we wish to continue to commit ourselves in favour of equal opportunities, the fight against exclusion and discrimination, by tackling subjects such as parenthood, personal/work life balance, cultural mix... 

For any further information, you can send us your requests by writing to us at

Done in Cannes, on 27 February 2023

Yours sincerely

Director of Human Resources

Riferimento Titolo Tipo Data Profil de candidat Profil de poste Candidatevi
ASSISTANT CHEF PROJET Assistant(e) chef de projet (Commerce, Communication, Événementiel) Stage 11/09/2023

- Formation Bac+3 minimum, formation en gestion de projet/communication, profil école de commerce 
- Première expérience souhaitée. 


DELEGUE Délégué(e) Général(e) Fondation Cannes et Fonds de Dotation Cannes CDI 02/06/2023

Le candidat dispose d'une formation supérieure (minimum Bac + 5) et d'une expérience d'au moins deux ans en tant que responsable du mécénat et/ou de la levée de fonds.

Le Délégué Général est salarié du Fonds de dotation Cannes et mis à disposition à temps partiel de la Fondation Cannes sous égide de la FACE.



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E’ in questa maniera che noi creiamo il programma di formazione professionale, in funzione degli obiettivi che ogni reparto deve raggiungere. Questa prima analisi si svolge in stretta collaborazione con, da una parte, il responsabile della società e, dall’altra, la Direzione delle Risorse Umane.