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David Lisnard, President of the Society of Mixed Economy for the Events of the city of Cannes (SEMEC), development company of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses, presented to the shareholders during the General assembly of the company on June 08th, the statutory auditor certified accounts 2012, as well as the major facts of the 2011 exercise.

The examined resolutions were all unanimously adopted and the full discharge was given to the management team. 2011 saw the leading company of Cannes, in the field of business tourism and special event management, generating the second Turnover of its history (after 2008) with 37 712 510 € (against 33 213 858 € in 2010, i.e. + 13,54 %) and its best profit, with a net profit after taxes of 576 453-€, entirely allocated to the statutory reserve of the company.

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